lundi 6 octobre 2014

The Pentagona World of Giwaza

It is referred to both EX13. It's configured with one of the best elite Poseidaru Army, It received directly intention of Poseidaru, the highest decision-making body to run it. However it is not so important, some who do not even turn to dialogue and role in the play.

Order's order of precedence order, but preta-Ku~oizu second order of precedence and Sai Kuo adder of the first order of precedence set itself does not exist, and had been at the helm substantially Giwaza of third order of precedence is the TV version at that time it is, their authority-responsibility is close to the de facto prime minister. There is no constant Member naming of reasons "members of the establishment at the time because it was 13 people" and, it "is openly" the name of the 13 people Shu, does not exist in order Giwaza other than a leader. Do not follow the Poseidaru Among the 13 people crowd, some person who homage to Giwaza is the leader of 13 people week.

However, because did not have to be told the main part of the question, such as, such as "Do not appeared 13 people why" has emerged, in the OVA when creating a post, set to "constant is not" that is added two new also included the person was not a crowd with 13 people, order of precedence set of constant 13 has been published. In addition, one person has been separated into the rebel army only (see below) Gau Ha Resshi~i out of 13 people week. I organized for the ambition trying to dominate the Pentagona World Giwaza behalf is to Poseidaru In the novel version.

It is the oldest at 13 people crowd in battle-scarred veteran who fought along with the Poseidaru from the previous war, but there has been symbolized and is retired from the front line in this work during. It knows from childhood things Resshi~i, feeling that I think like a granddaughter even after she betrayed Poseidaru army did not change, but show the onslaught seems battle-scarred veteran when you chase the pack mule line. There is no scene boarding to Heavy Metal, but it had a high insight such as catch-out with Gairamu at a glance to see the Gaim.

Ambitious. I burn the hostility to such Resshi~i is prestigious to come from because of local powerful clans. The guiding a pack mule taking hostage Resshi~i, challenge someone to a fight one-on-one in Heavy Metal, but was defeated. There is a possibility that had been brainwashed remodeling because there is coat of arms, such as Harken as well as Kuwasan to neck. Machine squared Pagota.

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